River SUP English page

River SUP, down river touring and casual roaming course

Enjoy new style leisure in old castle town!

The river that flows beside our old castle town is one of the best courses for standup paddle boarding (SUP). It has a gentle flow as well as many unique landscapes. As you stand up and paddle your way through the beautiful environment, you will feel as if you were walking on the river. Beginners are always welcome!

Course Plans:

●Down river touring;
・6,000yen╱Adult (age over 13) or 5,000yen ╱ child
・①6:00-8:30AM ②6:30-9:00AM
・2km down the river
・reservation required in advance

●Castle view short touring;
・4,500yen╱Adult (age over 13) or 3,500yen / child
・① 9:30-12:00AM ② 1:30-3:30PM
・1.5km down the river
・reservation required in advance

●Casual roaming course;
・3,500yen ╱ board・hour(+1,000yen / extra half hour)  
・①10:00AM~ ② 1:30PM~ ③ 5:00PM~
・reservation required

※ includes SUP-board, paddle and life jacket rental fee
※ includes guide fee, photos for your memory!


Up to 5 people


-Please make sure you arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of the course at Ozu SHIRO-MACHI Guest House. See Access page.
– Please be sure to bring extra clothes.
– You are responsible for any lost valuables.
– Full payment in Japanese yen required upon arrival (cash only)
– Cancellation policy:
(1) If cancelled on the day of scheduled arrival, the total amount will be charged.
(2) If cancelled from 1-2 days before scheduled arrival, a 50% fee will be charged.


Please fill in the form below and send it to us. We will reply to you within 24 hours.
※E-mail Address; shiromachi.river@gmail.com
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(2) TEL (Mobil):
(3) E-mail address:
(4) Nationality:
(5) Request date: mm/dd/year
*Please chose
(6) Request Course: (Down river touring / Castle view touring / Casual roaming course)
(7) Request starting time: (6:00a.m. / 6:30a.m. / 9:30a.m. / 1:30p.m. / 5:00p.m.)

(8) Number of people ( & number of children) :
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Or call us. Tel: 080-5332-3991